Dear Loving Care,

Words cannot express my heartfelt appreciation for the loving care you gave to my mother and to me and my family during the last days of my mom’s life. Everyone who came to her home was compassionate, empathetic, sympathetic and professional. Thank you for allowing God to use each of you to show His love and mercy and care. You are angels here on earth.compassionate


Dear Loving Care Crew,

Thank you so very much for the kind, compassionate care you gave Mother, and for the support and encouragement you showed my family during the past 6 ½ months. Your entire staff has been a Heaven sent blessing that truly embodies the company’s name, Loving Care.


Loving Care,

Thank you all so much for all the love and care you all have shown my mother in her last days on this earth. I praise ‘God’ that there are still loving & compassionate people on the face of this earth. You have them all in your office that work for you! You have the best team around. Thank you and God bless you all!